Nashi Argan

Products are made with consideration of impact on environment: packaging is done from recycled and recyclable materials and production process uses energy from renewable sources. The Argan Oil, contained in the products, is 100% Bio certified and the biodegradable raw materials are not derived from petroleum products.

Nashi Argan Solar Line

Nashi Argan Solar is the New line designed to protect your hair against the sun rays, formulated with Bio Certified Argan Oil and UVA & UVB filters.

Nashi Argan Body

Nashi Argan enriched its offer with an entire line dedicated to the body care.

Nashi Argan Capixyl™

NASHI ARGAN CAPIXYL™ is the innovative line of treatment for hairloss prevention.

Dry Oil Perfect Body

Dry Effect Body Oil contrasts dry skin and strech marks. It conforms the complexion and it reduces skin ageing. Not greasy.

Dry Hand Balm

Makes the hands soft and smooth due to the natural ingredients contained in the formula. It is easily absorbed.

Shampoo After Sun Hydrating

Moisturizing and protective shampoo. It keeps elastic hair's fibers in the summer months. Contains Vitamin E and Silk hydrolyzed.

Mask After Sun Repairing

Moisturizing nourishing mask. It repairs damaged hair, restoring its proper hydration.

Argan Conditioner

Unique and untouchable texture. Ideal to detangle and nourish the hair, making it easier to manage.

Beach Defence Styling Spray

Detangling color-save spray. It contains silk derivates and UV filters. Makes hair easy to comb, also after sea bath.

Exfoliating Hairloss Prevention Shampoo

Purifies the scalp. It stimulates the activity of the hair bulb. Thickening effect.

Intensive Treatment 5% Capixyl™

No rinsing. It contains 5% Capixyl™ Antiwaste professional pack

Energizing Shampoo

It restores hydratation. It strengthens the hair shaft. Thickening effect. It restores natural shine.

Argan Deep Infusion

Rivitalises hair. Adds thickness, softness and shine. Does not weigh hair down.

Daily Body Cream

Rich and emollient Body Cream with slimming and shaping properties, it makes the skin rejuvenated, smoother and brighter. Quick absorbtion.

Nashi Argan Oil

It repairs, nourishes and gives shine to the hair. Increases definition during the styling.

7 Night Program

Nashi Argan 7 Night Program is the first preventive cycle that contrasts hairloss.

Nashi Argan Protective Sun Oil

The SUN DRY OIL PERFECT BODY is the perfect solution to protect your skin under the sun.

Nashi Argan Instant

Spray hydrating mask. It gives shine and discipline. It maintains the style. No rinse.

Who We Are

Nashi Argan is simple, elegant and efficient line that satisfies all the needs of women around the world to maintain beauty of their hair. Based on Bio Certified Argan oil that is known for its high efficiency since many years, Nashi Argan products offer solutions to all hair types by achieving the best possible results.

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