Nashi Argan Store Brera

Nashi Argan Store via Brera is the nineth Nashi Argan concept store, located in the heart of one of the most peculiar and exclusive area of the city.

From May 11th 2019, you’ll be able to discover again the Nashi Argan experience between the elegant streets of the neighborhood, where prestigious old Milano buildings live together with craftsmanships’ shops, historical places and luxury and timeless boutiques!


Via Brera 30, Milano

Opening hours

Lun – Dom: 10:30-13:00  14:00-19:30    


02 36632274 |
Via Brera, 30, Milano, MI, Italia

A walk around the Nashi Argan Store Brera

Few steps away from Accademia di Brera, in the heart of one of the most loved areas of Milan, full of artists’ ateliers and craftsmanships’ shops.

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